Virchell welcomes guests
Guests at the first annual "Forever a Village" luncheon raised approximately $465,000 for Opportunity Village on April 8. read more
Walking with friends
Who do you walk for?  Get inspired to join the 45th Annual Benefit Walk on May 4, 2014.
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Jeff and Rosemary
Teacher Rosemary Byrd reconnects with former student Jeff Schmidt.
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Village disc golf
Opportunity Village is seeking donations to expand its public disc golf course to 18 holes.
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Join us for a tour that is not your ordinary tour.

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Wedgewood house


Clients tell us what is important to them.  Some are very clear and explicit.  Others can be more difficult to read.  Even individuals who are non-verbal have ways to express their preferences if we know them and make the effort to understand them.

As the Village is creating smaller homes in the community and helping individuals move from the cottages where they have lived for many years, it is a high priority for us to find out from the individual what is important to them.

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Bill Geisler and Dick Weiner

Bill's journey back home

Bill Geisler and his parents always hoped that Bill would be able to live on their farm as long as he wanted, but life intervened.  Bill's devastating motorcycle accident in 1983, his mother's death in 2002, and his dad's move to a care center put an end to those hopes.  Bill moved to a cottage at Opportunity Village in 2012.

With the Village's recent plans to help people with disabilities live in ordinary community homes, suddenly Bill's dream of living back home came alive again. Read about his journey home with new friends and the help of an old friend Dick Weiner.

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